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10 Ways to Live Positively with Dementia

Living Positively with LBD or any form of dementia is about putting action to each day.  Making the choice to do things that matter, things that effect your sprit in a way that feeds your positive energy.  Over the next 20 days we will post the 10 detail on how you can do the things that I have found that help me stay positive (even went the day starts out and I am not feeling myself or in pain).

10 Daily Positive Actions:

active links are in blue

1. Wake Up Early

2. Prioritize

3. Read / Listen to Books

4. Make Eating an Event

5. Go For a Walk

6. Find TV Shows That Make You Laugh

7. Begin a Project or a Hobby

8. Socialize with Others

9. Don’t Multitask

10. Be of Service to Others

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