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A New Direction for Wandering Lite

There are a thousand and one travel sites on the web.  They can help you buy products, see sites, tell you how to travel and many more things about the glorious experience of traveling. From this point forward I have changed the direction of Wandering Lite.

Yes, we will still help you with travel hacks and ways to enhance your travel experience, but our primary focus will change.  Let me explain.

For over 40 years and millions of travel miles of both corporate and leisure travel, I have learned the value of traveling lite. 

Far too often we bring so much baggage with us that it causes us to lose the ability to be present in the experience, to be to be flexible, so that we can see what is around us in God’s wonderful world. 

This was the original focus of Wandering Lite.  Helping you find tools to lighten your burden and Wander Lite.

God’s promise is that if we approach our lives with the same point of view about reducing the baggage we accumulate in life; we can feel the same relief as when we travel with less luggage.

The simplest things in life such as possessions can create an enormous burden that can so easily prevent us from traveling our daily lives in God’s light.

Why is it so important to lesson our burdens?  Today we truly wander in the shadow of death.  As the death toll in the US just passed 100,000 from Covid 19 we all have so many things bearing down on our minds.  We live our lives in the shadows of contagion, financial, family and health issues.  Our personal safety is constantly at risk, isolation, anger, and fear but to name a few, plague us all at varying levels.

Now is a time to seize on Jesus’ promise of a lighter burden (Mathew 11:28-30).  We all seek safety in our homes and with our family, but once we leave our homes, we are wanderers through desperate times.

In Indiana, which is my home state, the state slogan was a travel slogan; it was even on our license plates; “Wander Indiana”.  I’ve always felt akin to that spirit as I traveled around the world, but it was when I got off the beaten path; wandered; met people where they lived, enjoyed local food, and looked to find sites not on the “me too” list.  That I found my greatest adventure and joy.

Wandering Lite is from here on dedicated on helping people travel lite in their daily lives and wander in God’s light.  The focus will be on “good news” that is there to raise us all out of the darkness and into the light of God’s love, and still have some fun with travel ideas, even in this time of restricted travel.

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