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How I was diagnosed with Dementia

One of the questions that I've been asked regularly which I have not addressed yet is. How did I find out that I had dementia? I also wanted to address what I've learned how other people have found out they have dementia as well, so I waited until I had done some research first.  Most importantly I wanted to make sure I helped fill in some of the gaps that people are having around how to find out if they have dementia or maybe they are suffering aging or maybe they just have selective the memory according to your spouse.
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“Dementia Talks” – Latest You Tube Videos

Dementia Talks and Wanderinglite.com are dedicated to providing a first person point of view of what it is like to have dementia. If you have looked for this kind of information before, you will find lots of people talking about dementia but they really have no ideas what it is really like. Ted the author of Wanderinglite.com and the Podcast for Dementia talks has Lewy Body Dementia. He is in the early stage just starting his second year, so you can follow his progress until he can no longer provide this valuable service.
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Finding Purpose – Coping Mechanism 5

To find purpose, we need to search inwardly. Looking inwardly or taking an honest assessment of ourselves is very challenging. In fact, it is probably the most important thing that should guide you through the rest of the steps that you will use to find purpose. There are several key items that you can do… all after you have looked inwardly and gotten a good assessment of yourself and where you’re at. Do it without judgment.