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Be a Reflection of What You’d Like to see in Others

Early in my career I learned we are all mirrors of each other, so in management if you want your people to be attentive to be attentive to them, if you want your people to be happy and positive then be what you want to see in them.

Whether we recognize it or not, we are all reflections of each other. This is why you see so many posts about surrounding yourself with good people, or people that you would like to be with, why because their reflections shines on you and you will pick up on it.

So, if you want to be that person who you would like to see in others, start the process “Be a reflection of what you’d like to see in others”.

Showing up for meetings with a poor attitude, even if you’re in pain, or your day isn’t going right. Will reflect on others and they will respond in kind. Yes, some people will recognize your pain and offer your sympathy, but is this genuine sympathy or is it just them trying to feel better about how they respond to you?

Let’s face it most people when they ask “how are you doing” really don’t want to know.  They want a short answer that says “fine”. Asking how you’re doing in today’s society is the same as saying “hi!” It’s just an attempt to be a little more personal.

Worse, if somebody is really empathetic, and they want to truly know how you’re doing, then they are still probably looking for reaction, that says “thank you my friend for asking”.

So what’s better? Putting people in these difficult positions by not looking the way we to see others, or staying positive even when it’s difficult in the face of pain or loss or other challenges, and meeting them with a positive response. You never know might be the one person who lifts their spirits that day.

I believe a better outcome is the later. If I’m positive, and I reflect on someone you just never know what difference it can make…. so be that person.

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