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Finding Purpose – Coping Mechanism 5

To find purpose, we need to search inwardly. Looking inwardly or taking an honest assessment of ourselves is very challenging. In fact, it is probably the most important thing that should guide you through the rest of the steps that you will use to find purpose. There are several key items that you can do… all after you have looked inwardly and gotten a good assessment of yourself and where you’re at. Do it without judgment.
Blog Coping Mechanisms

The Most Important Coping Mechanism

Coping mechanisms allow us to have tools that reduce mental anxiety and frustration for people with memory issues. We are introduction a series of Podcasts that will cover the most helpful tools that I with the help of others have found that will improve life and prepare for times when your memory is worse. Please post your comments and questions of WanderingLite.com or on the Dementia Talks You Tube Channel. #Living Positively with Dementia
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My Process for Meditating Past Pain

I learned how to meditate years ago as a necessity to keep doing my job. I use this form of meditation to get through the pain in those peak moments. Learning meditation can help you with the pain of stress and you can apply it to sever pain like back pain, (which after three back surgeries I know this pain) arthritis, MS and others. It also known to have great benefits for people with dementia.