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Being in Step with the Spirit

Experiencing Depression even when you trying to live positively can happen to anyone. This is especially challenging for people living with physical or mental issues or both. In today’s Podcast I will discuss how I deal dealt with a recent bout of deep depressing and the anchor I used to pull myself out of it. More information is available at WanderingLite.com including my recent painting from Wellfield Park in today's Article Being in Step with the Spirit.
Blog Living Positively

Reinforcing Living Positively with Purpose

Finding a purpose is not a straightforward task, it requires honesty in your personal assessment of your desires, interests, physical and mental capabilities, financial wherewithal, environment and availability of emotional support from your loved ones. When we talk about purpose, we're talking about a fundamental realignment of your life. This may seem like a lot to ask, but physical and mental health changes don’t ask permission. The pure reality is we have to accept it. That does not mean that life ends or we can’t find enjoyment in life, it just means things are going to change. Because the result of finding purpose is not about setting goals, it is about a lifestyle change. Lifestyle changes can only happen if we change our habits.
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My Process for Meditating Past Pain

I learned how to meditate years ago as a necessity to keep doing my job. I use this form of meditation to get through the pain in those peak moments. Learning meditation can help you with the pain of stress and you can apply it to sever pain like back pain, (which after three back surgeries I know this pain) arthritis, MS and others. It also known to have great benefits for people with dementia.