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Getting to Acceptance

Finally – Moving Forward

Acceptance is a personal and family process

Once you’ve moved to acceptance of yourself in your situation, you can start to move forward. Start rethinking; re-prioritizing things that you like to do with your remaining time. Find a new philosophy of life, put family and God first, and strive to make each day count.

Don’t start with a list that included the things that you wanted to do in the past, but start with a list of things that you’d like to do within a reality of your current situation. Ask yourself what brings you joy, look for things that don’t add unnecessary frustration and anxiety but do look for things that challenge you both physically and mentally within your limits.

Be prepared to allow everything from the past including your bucket list the phone the floor. Only pick up those things which are you can do.  Add to it open discussions with your loved ones and family about things like travel, family outings, holidays etc.  keep in mind that these things are going to be different as you progress.

There are many things which you should avoid in your planning, like rock concerts and trips that require lots of physical activity, busy situations and things which require too much mental exercise to be enjoyed.

Throughout this website we will seek to give you tools, advice from others, coping mechanisms and hopefully things which bring you joy as you plan your new horizons. Our greatest wish for you is that you find joy each and every day.

Six Stages of Grief

  1. Knowledge (click to read more)
  2. Denial and isolation (click to read more)
  3. Anger “Why me?” (click to read more)
  4. Bargaining “I’ll do anything, just grant me a few more years.” (click to Read more)
  5. Depression “Everything is useless now, why bother with anything? Why go ion living?”(click to read more)
  6. Acceptance (click to read more)

Please share these post with love and friends ones that are facing the reality of dealing with a terminal disease. Support them and plese share your thoughts.

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