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Find Entertainment That Makes You Laugh

In my house shows that have violence of any kind have been off the table for a long time.  I used to love Sci Fi and Action Movies, but now the violence just ramps up my anxiety.

Next, and this is important!  If you have been in the habit of watching TV separately from your spouse, you need to give it up.

It is important for the caregiver to keep somewhat of an eye on you while you watch TV.  After a while, a caregiver can sense if the person is fading out or getting anxious.

Three Important Things to Remember:

1 – Keep TV watching to a minimum.

2 – Keep the lights on

3 – TV is not a great solution for care for someone with dementia.

Want a quick list to start out with. Here is an article that can get you started. Best Movies & TV Shows for Dementia Patients

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