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Finding Direction

What Now?

Denial is not a strategy

Dealing with a disease like dementia and especially Lewy Body Dementia or Alzheimer’s require getting early attention and diagnosis.  The effect of not openly seeking help is and living with self-doubt, depression, inward and outward anger and just plain frustration.

Early diagnosis is critical

The problem is the decay in mental processing does not happen all at once and you can have good days and bad days.  Before I was diagnosed my wife would tell me we discussed something and I of course would say we didn’t.  She would accuse me of selective hearing; which men can have; but the truth was I did not remember the conversation at all, and then I would doubt myself or worse, think she was Gaslighting me (early paranoia).

Fear of diagnosis

There are articles by practitioners that discuss the pro and cons of early diagnosis and the effect on self esteem and depression related to the diagnosis. From an individual’s who has its point of view they are completely wrong. and probably just trying to be augmentative to get readers.

Getting to a diagnosis is the least depressing thing, about this disease. Not knowing what is going on, self doubt, head aches, pain effects on the entire body are all miss diagnosed with out addressing this. I have personally made it a point to go back to each of these physicians and tried to 0help them realize the need for looking at the person holistically. Fear can not be concurred until you address it.

Don’t be Afraid, be Courageous

Please don’t just smile and carry on.  Get help and read the section on Getting to Acceptance.  Allow yourself the time follow the Six Stage process to get to acceptance and “living Positively with Lewy Body Dementia”.

See the following link and YouTube video about Robin Williams fight with his unknown Lewy Body Dementia sponsored by the American Brain Foundation.

“Robin’s Wish”

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