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A New Direction for Wandering Lite

From this point forward I have changed the direction of Wandering Lite. Will be:

Wandering Lite with Lewy Body Dementia

Ta Da !!!!

Let me explain. 5 or 6 years ago I started having trouble with my cognitive memory. These changes were slight, but noticeable to me. I had issues with my boss saying something and my not remembering it, even though I was known for note taking. I spoke to my doctor in Philadelphia he of course gave me “the test”, which I passed with flying colors.

Then after we moved back to South Bend and the construction was completed and after we got settled in. My new doctor observed issues, and I started having issues with “The Test” so after discussion I started on a medication for Alzheimer’s disease.

First let me say I’m not an easy one to diagnose. I am what is referred to as a high functioning adult. What that simply means it that I could pass “The Test” but fail the full test. This led to many more tests of course.

After I received the diagnoses, as expected I was depressed for a number of weeks. Not only do I have this rare decease, Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), but now I have to deal with the onset of dementia.

Isolated like everyone with the onset of the pandemic. It was easy being discouraged, eat, binge TV, sleep and repeat. By early April despair was taking it’s toll. With positive reinforcement and pulling up the bootstraps on my boots, I decided that happiness is a chose and I could choose to be happy positive and striving to enjoy every good day.

Wandering Lite is from here on dedicated to helping people (like me) facing Lewy Body Dementia. First from the person with LBD POV and second to help caregivers to help them better understand the struggles on the bad days and the good days.

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