Wandering Lite and Dementia Talks living with Dementia

Positive Living

This Section covers articles that help you identify the most important things that help you build a base on gratitude, which is the foundation of a positive life. In this section I walk through the processes I used to find my purpose which I found at the intersection between the skills that I have developed over a lifetime and the things that bring me joy. 

I found out early on that it is important to not to get stuck in the daily little things that in the end are not important. In the article back in the prior section I realized my Ducks were not in a row and if I was ever going to achieve my goal in spite of having dementia, I needed to align my activity with what is important and forget the rest.

Last, because what I am doing brings me joy, my purpose is aligned and supported and if you do it day-in and day-out you will find like me that it soon becomes a habit.

A Positive habit that carries you through even the toughest day when pain or mental confusion is constantly vying for my attention.

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