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Getting to Acceptance

Important First Thoughts About Acceptance

Acceptance is a personal and family process

Important First Thoughts

  1. Acceptance of Dementia is accepting a terminal disease.
  2. Receiving this news leaves us exposed and lacking the framework for our lives.
  3. The Six Stages of Grief are tools that help us cope and learn to live within our new reality.

Six Stages of Grief

This Process is very personal, it should not be rushed. It is important to keep in mind that not everyone goes through all stages of grief, and certainly not all people go through the stages in the same order. For some people, certain stages may last only hours other much longer.  I also found myself moving back and forth through stages I had already experienced.

Stage One

Knowledge (click to read more)

Stage 2

Denial and isolation (click to read more)

Stage 3

Anger is part of the Process

Anger “Why me?” (click to read more)

Stage 4

Bargaining (Click to Read More)

Stage 5

Depression “Everything is useless now, why bother with anything? Why go ion living?”(click to read more)

Stage 6

Acceptance (click to read more)

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Finally – Moving Forward