Wandering Lite and Dementia Talks living with Dementia

Coping Mechanisms

This section gives you coping mechanisms that will help you deal with the changes in your abilities as time passes.  I can’t think of any other thing that I can share with you that is more import. Why? Because when learned early, the coping mechanism can now become a habit that will save you and allow you to function much better that others with dementia at the same level do.  There are two important things I have learned about coping mechanisms:

  1. They work best when learned early.  This is one of the key reasons (beyond a treatment plan) why we need to have early diagnosis.
  2. Trying to learn a coping mechanism like using and sharing a calendar on your smartphone with your caregiver is very hard if you wait too long and you are in a later stage of dementia. Coping mechanisms are not just learned they need to become habits… good habit, habits that we do without thinking even when the dementia cloud is on us, like late in the day or during a taxing situation.

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