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Wandering Lite is about discovery, finding new things, having an adventure, and feeding your free-spirit.

Wandering is an attitude which we believe results in a much smarter way to go then just taking tour lead trips. Together we’ll explorer the things that can help your travels feel less like a burden and more like fun.

There are thousands of great, and not so great experiences when it comes to travel.  We’ll share hints, checklist, websites, review apps tools, products and travel hacks, and hopefully have some fun doing it.  As we started we already have an exciting list to get started with.

Categories of things we can share:

  1. Traveling Lite Hints and Guides
  2. Checklists
  3. Reviews of clothes, bags, accessories, tools, tech, apps and websites
  4. Fun shared travels stories and lessons learned

We hope you share the same passion for travel we do and want something different than just taking a trip, you want discovery, adventure and stories to remember and tell others when you get home.

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