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Wandering Lite is about living positively with Lewy Body Dementia (LDB).  It’s about sharing, supporting each other and finding new things, still; having an adventure, and enjoying each day because it is a gift from God.

Wandering for dementia patients is of course a problem. 

Defining Wandering

One of the scarier symptoms of dementias is wandering, when someone will forget how to get to a certain place, or where they just came from, and become lost, confused, and possibly frightened. Caregivers can find this behavior extremely distressing, because a loved one will disappear and get lost, even in populated areas, and have no means of getting home. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 60 percent of people with Alzheimer’s will wander away and become lost at some point.

Why would someone wander? Reasons include:
– Boredom
– Excess energy
– Trying to walk off discomfort
– Trying to find something
– Confusion, like believing there’s somewhere important to be
– Sundowning

Little is written about LBD from the patients point of view.  Far too often because dementia is not diagnosed early we see it only through people when there is little that can be done.  We overlook far too much and assume that it’s just AGE.

Living with dementia is a gradual process that for some people happens over years, and can have ups and downs, which is what can make it easy to miss in it’s early stage.

Lewy Body Dementia is different the time line is far more linear and unlike other dementia’s with broad directional swings of good times and bad do not occur.  Once the disease advances is never retreats.

Wandering Lite with LBD is an attitude which I believe results in a much smarter way to go. There are many aspects that I would like to share together as long as I can.  They are…

Categories of things to share:

  1. Being positive (even if it takes two anti-depressants)
  2. Seeking to enjoy each day (food, fun, friends) even during Covid-19
  3. Looking for alternative solutions to help day to day living
  4. Make like enjoyable
  5. Searching for help

There may be other categories or Tags as we continue, but we can discover it together.

One last thing.  You may be wondering how I am able to do this website with LBD.  The answer is if I did not already have this site it. would be impossible, but since I do, I will do my best to try to provide as much information from a person with LBD as I can.

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