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Dementia Talks

Coping Mechanism 2 – Calendar Entries. Notes and Reminders Dementia Talks

The second most important Coping Mechanism that you can develop if you’re struggling with memory issues is using Calendar, Notes and Reminders. Like Simplicity, Coping Mechanisms are best implemented as early as possible because we want to use Coping Mechanisms that become good habits. For more information see WanderingLite.com or email Ted@wanderinglite.com #Dementia, #Memory Problems,  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

Being In Step With The Spirit Dementia Talks

Experiencing Depression  even when you trying to live positively can happen to anyone.  This is especially challenging for people living with physical or mental issues or both.  In today Podcast I will discuss how I deal dealt with a recent bout of deep depressing and the anchor I used to pull myself out of it.  More information is available at WanderingLite.com including my recent painting from Wellfield Park in today's Article Being in Step with the Spirit.  #depression#SpiritofGod#Wellfieldpark Thanks for joining me Ted@Wanderinglite.com    — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

My Process for Meditating Past Pain Dementia Talks

I learned how to meditate years ago as a necessity to keep doing my job.  I use this form of meditation to get through the pain in those peak moments. Learning meditation, can help you with the pain of stress and you can apply it to sever pain like back pain, (which after three back surgeries I know this pain) arthritis, MS and others. It also known to have great benefits for people with dementia. For more information on the books on mediation I cover go to Wandering Lite and look at the Good Reads for information  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

The Days That will Break You Dementia Talks

There are days that will seem to break you, maybe you get up and find that the pain is more than you can stand, or depression is over whelming, so many things can cause those days, but here’s where living positivity make a difference. You don’t start with just staying OK I’m going to be positive you start with a purpose. Today we will start with this idea and build on it, but if you want more information right away refer to the article “Finally – Moving Forward” but if your struggling with a big change start with the article “Getting to Acceptance” — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

What Duck – What Windmills? Dementia Talks

What Ducks?  Our lives are so busy, we have so many duck to keep track of, but do we have too many ducks? Link to Wandering Lite Blog What Ducks? — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

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