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43 Years of Love Dementia Talks

43 Years ago Chrisy and I were married.  We met in May and after a short (very short) engagement we were married.  I'm sure many people doubted it would last, but through all the challenges ours is still a marriage based on deep love and respect. Living with Lewy Body Dementia present what may be part of the final challenge.  I'm not sure how it will end, but I do know that love will be at the heart of it. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

Coping Mechanism 4a – Finding What Brings You Joy Dementia Talks

To find purpose, we need to search inwardly.  Looking inwardly or taking an honest assessment of ourselves is very challenging. In fact, it is probably the most important thing that should guide you through the rest of the steps that you will use to find purpose. There are several key items that you can do… all after you have looked inwardly and gotten a good assessment of yourself and where you’re at. Do it without judgment. BUT FIRST… Focus on what you have and what brings you joy. So many people, when they think that they need to have purpose, think they need to start something new or they need to learn a whole new skill set. Or worse, they find something that is clearly outside of their wheelhouse. Going outside of your abilities or comfort zone and finding something else to bring you joy is unfortunately going to be a tremendous waste of time and send you in the wrong direction. Finding your purpose is about: Looking at what you have now. Where you are now? What you can do now? For more information see Wanderinglite.com — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

Coping Mechanism 4 – Finding Purpose Dementia Talks

Finding Purpose is the 4th coping mechanism – which is about having the ability to focus our energies, it helps us feel like what we’re doing is a contribution to others or to something more important than just simply sitting around waiting for the inevitable.  Today we discus the 5 steps to finding purpose, how to figure out what is import and what is not, what we can do and what we can't do, all the while being honest with what can be achieved. Last we will review the key ingredient – taking ownership. We hope you find this Podcast informative and inspiring.  Please leave comments and questions either here or Wanderinglite.com  You can also watch us on YouTube on "Dementia Talks" please put it in quotes if you are in YouTube  Here is the link Dementia Talks Thanks Ted Obenour — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

I Don't Have To Fake It Dementia Talks

Life gets so complicated when we have to force ourselves to appear to be in a better state of mind or health than we are.  We have all learned to do this, but in the end we are only hurting ourselves.  Having friends you can be honest with makes life so much richer.  That doesn't mean that if your not doing well that it's OK to be a Debbie downer, no, we are all still responsible for our own happiness.  So be honest, don't fake it, but be positive and find a way to up-lift others in the process.  That the real meaning of "Fake It Till You Make It"  Make that part of your purpose.   Find out more on "Finding Your Purpose" on WanderingLite.com  #fakingit#dementia#livingpositively — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

Gratitude – How does it affect us mentally Dementia Talks

Today we look closer at what it really takes to live in a positive mindset as we examine how thankfulness turn to gratitude not only changes your mindset of how you see the world, It can actually change your brain.  This Podcast is for everyone who wants to live a better life. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

Coping Mechanism 2 – Calendar Entries. Notes and Reminders Dementia Talks

The second most important Coping Mechanism that you can develop if you’re struggling with memory issues is using Calendar, Notes and Reminders. Like Simplicity, Coping Mechanisms are best implemented as early as possible because we want to use Coping Mechanisms that become good habits. For more information see WanderingLite.com or email Ted@wanderinglite.com #Dementia, #Memory Problems,  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

Coping Mechanism 1 – Simplification Dementia Talks

Coping mechanisms allow us to have tools that reduce mental anxiety and frustration for people with memory issues.  We are introduction a series of Podcasts that will cover the most helpful tools that I with the help of others have found that will improve life and prepare for times when your memory is worse. Please post your comments and questions of WanderingLite.com or on the Dementia Talks You Tube Channel.  #Living Positively with Dementia — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

What does it feel like to have dementia Dementia Talks

Today I going to talk about what it really feels like to have dementia.  Additionally, I'm going to share how I live positively with dementia and the importance this plays in everyday life.  Last, I going to cover the value of early diagnosis and coping mechanisms that will help you in the years to come with dementia.  Tools and reference document are available ion WanderingLite.com.  Please leave your comment on WanderingLite.com. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

Dementia Talks – Introduction Dementia Talks

Dementia Talks Podcast is a first person point of view of living with dementia.  Today there is very little information for the person living with dementia.  Most of the information is clinical or directed at the caregiver.  But people can live full rewarding positive lives with dementia. In this podcast we will discuss real issues, real solutions and coping mechanisms, interview others living positively with dementia and recognized experts in the field. We have rebranded this Podcast to reach a larger audience and to embrace to broader agenda and media that includes Youtube. So please join us on anyone one of our channels. Thank You and God Bless Ted & Christy Obenour  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ted-at-wanderinglite/support

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