Wandering Lite with Lewy Body Dementia
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Take Time To Socialize

This is a two-sided issue, intimate gatherings with friends are OK but large gathering, even with family can cause a person with dementia to be anxious and have other issues.

Concerts and major ball games even if you love the game, large crowds and noise present problems.  NOTE!  Large Venues that take a great deal of effort to leave and can create even more anxiety.

On the positive side, socialization is want can keep you going, especially with family. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic obviously has changed everything this year.  I can’t think of a worse time for all people with memory issues to be in.  Isolation is as deadly for anyone with advance dementia.

Take special care during COVID-19 until we all get shots in the arm.  My wife likes love to have what she calls Zoom Cocktail Parties.  These are usually late in the day when my energy is low, and because we have them with long-term friends, the conversation is fast.  These Zoom calls are important to my wife, but it is important that your friends understand your issues.

The best gatherings have been outside on the deck with another couple and as the weather has cooled down, we have fired up the fire pit and brought out blankets and obviously dressed warm.

These friends on a one on one based understand my challenges and I truly enjoy that time to socialize.

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